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Aventurine Metaphysical Properties


Aventurine is the stone of abundance. It strengthens one’s ability to take charge and make decisions. Encourages empathy and compassion. Encourages tenacity. Stutters and severe neuroses are alleviated by aventurine. It stabilizes mental state, arouses perception, and fosters creativity. It helps one recognize options and opportunities. Calms irritability and fury. Enhances one’s sense of well-being. Male-female energy is balanced by aventurine. It stimulates cardiac regeneration. Defends against contamination of the environment. The thymus gland and neurological system benefit from aventurine. It lowers cholesterol by stimulating metabolism and balancing blood pressure. Aventurine has anti-inflammatory properties that reduce skin rashes, allergies, migraines, and eye irritation. It restores health to the urogenital, muscular, respiratory, and sinus systems.


*Results may vary. Information and statements made are for education purposes and are not intended to replace your doctor’s advice. *


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