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Raised in the Cherry Hill area of New Jersey, Randall's life has been defined by a deep commitment to service and personal growth. His academic journey in social work led him to become a licensed Social Worker, deeply engaged with the mental health community.

Dedicated to living by the corporal works of mercy, Randall has spent over a decade serving those most in need. His career has taught him invaluable lessons in maintaining an open mind, practicing non-judgment, and meeting every individual with love, exactly where they are in their life's journey.

His spiritual quest began in 2007, sparking a profound exploration of faith and the mysteries of the world. Initially drawn to the Catholic Church, his journey through the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA) led to his confirmation and active involvement in the Catholic community. However, his quest for deeper understanding didn't stop with his Christian roots; it only grew more intense during the 2020 pandemic as he explored healthier lifestyles and broader spiritual truths.

During this period of intense research, Randall discovered a pivotal podcast featuring Dr. Sandra Rose Michael discussing the Energy Enhancement System (EES). This moment was transformative, perfectly aligning with his passion for healing and service. Inspired, Randall became deeply invested in learning about and eventually working with this innovative technology. Today, Randall is thrilled to be a managing partner at Quantum Healing Room, an EESystem Center located in Jenkintown, PA. His enduring commitment to enhancing lives and nurturing a healthier world signifies a new, exciting chapter in his journey of service and spiritual exploration. He is passionate about bringing the transformative power of the EESystem to individuals seeking health and well-being, marking a continuation of his dedication to helping others and contributing to a healthier, more compassionate world.


About Quantum Healing Room

Quantum Healing Room, located in Jenkintown, PA, is committed to providing advanced healing technologies in a tranquil and supportive environment. Situated in a vibrant community known for its active arts scene, retail shops, restaurants, and yoga studios, Quantum Healing Room aims to complement the area's wellness-focused lifestyle. Equipped with a 12-unit EESystem, the center is expected to serve as a key destination for individuals exploring alternative methods to enhance their health and well-being.


Fredric hails from Philadelphia, where he was born and raised, cultivating a deep connection with the city's rich cultural heritage. His academic journey at Temple University culminated with a BA with a concentration in marketing and business law in the early '90s. This foundational education laid the groundwork for a career marked by innovation and leadership.

Since 2010, Fredric has been at the helm of a successful digital marketing agency, navigating the ever-evolving online landscape with expertise and vision. His role as an agency owner has honed a diverse skill set, from strategic marketing to technological proficiency, which he now adeptly applies to his latest venture.



Fredric's spiritual journey is as vast and varied as his professional one. For nearly a decade, he immersed himself in the rich traditions of Native American Indian ritual and philosophy, specifically engaging with Sweat Lodge ceremonies in the Lakota Sioux tradition. His quest for deep spiritual connection led him to study under notable figures like Tom Brown Jr., founder of the Tracker school, where he learned to live a life intertwined with nature and spirit. Building on his Native American spiritual foundation, Fredric embraced yoga in 2002, a practice that continues to enrich his life to this day. His commitment to personal well-being recently led him to complete a Level 1 QiGong certification and a 3-day QiGong Intensive healing retreat under the guidance of Master Chunyi Lin, founder of SpringForest QiGong. With over thirty years of spiritual practice emphasizing health and wellness, Fredric believes that his journey has uniquely prepared him for his current role. Partnering with Randall, he aims to serve humanity by introducing the transformative EESystem technology to the Greater Philadelphia area. As the technology and marketing force behind this new business, Fredric integrates his extensive digital marketing expertise with a profound spiritual perspective, ensuring a holistic approach to promoting health and well-being in the community. Fredric's story is one of continual growth and adaptation, a testament to the power of integrating diverse life experiences into a cohesive vision for the future. His spiritual pursuits, combined with his professional acumen, make him uniquely equipped to lead in this innovative venture of healing and transformation.

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$120 | 2 HOURS

$550 | 10 HOURS

$1000 | 20 HOURS




PHONE: 215.821.7075

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